Vegeta's intriguing daughter.

Let's meet Vegeta's daughter Bra today. She is different from her father. Could it be that being a hybrid, she would be as powerful as Trunks?

Vegeta Bra's daughter is the sculpted face of her mother Bulma. But she inherited her father's genius. She was a female character created to contrast Pan, daughter of Gohan and Videl, and also Marron, daughter of Krillin.

Bra is a very nice girl who likes to please her friends. We can also see that her father, Vegeta, doesn't encourage her to be a fighter.

Yellow Leaves

There is a theory that says: A hybrid being, that is, a Super Saiyans with a human being, has strength beyond the normal, even for a Super Saiyans.

This strength usually passes from Super Saiyan to daughter during conception. The same strength that the Super Saiyan has during this moment is passed on to the Son.

See that Goku was only a Super Saiyan during his adult phase, Gohan trained a lot and in his puberty phase, during the fight with Cell he became a Super Saiyan.

Goten manages to be a Super Saiyan, even as a child and with little fighting experience.

With each new generation it gets easier in our opinion, for them to become a Super Saiyan. If this theory is true, Vegeta's daughter Bra could be one of the strongest Super Saiyans in the Dragon Ball saga.